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About Us


Adjusting to 6 Figures helps new and seasoned adjusters navigate the industry, and excel in their field. The catalogue of experience offered on this site is meant to help educate professionals and lead them down a path to become successful independent adjusters.

Adjusting to 6 Figures offers products and services for potential and new independent adjusters, helping them kick start their careers. Here, Adjusters will learn about the financial, emotional, and career benefits the adjusting field can provide. They will get an opportunity to perfect techniques that increase efficiency, gain resources for use in the field, and learn about training and networking events in their local areas. Adjusting to 6 Figures provides an unprecedented and unparalleled platform for independent adjusters to learn about the field, sharpen their skills, and hear directly from industry elites through coaching and mentoring programs.

Now, with Adjusting to 6 Figures, you can start your career one step ahead of everyone else. Even without formal education or experience, and as long as you have the drive and commitment, you can become an independent insurance adjuster, too.

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