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Can’t Miss Sales and Marketing Tips for Independent Adjusters

Solid fieldwork and competent knowledge of the claims industry will take an independent insurance adjuster far career-wise. However, it is just as important for IAs to market and sell themselves effectively. In order to succeed as a self-employed Independent Adjuster, you must market yourself to carriers, producers, policyholders, and agents. Solid networking skills and strong interpersonal communication techniques are key to taking your IA career to the next level, so follow these marketing tips to help put yourself on the right track!

Engaged Networking

Take the time to have professional business cards created for distribution. You should always have a sharp-looking card available for policyholders as well as for colleagues, agents, vendors, and contractors. Even in a digital age, a hard copy business card will get remembered and referenced. Business cards can also keep your name present in the mind of insurance carriers needing additional assistance due to a massive storm or remote claim location.

Follow-up phone calls are also very important in terms of networking. Always call when you say you’re going to be in touch. The best way to do this is to give yourself an adequate window of time to make phone contact. Try to avoid giving a specific time, because mishaps may occur. Instead, give general time windows that let your contacts know you will call by the next day’s close of business.

A follow-up call at the closing of a claim with a policyholder and the insurance carrier’s hiring contact will also go a long way in showing professionalism and commitment to the job. A simple phone call or voicemail message can be a great marketing tool to highlight a strong work ethic. This is one of the most important yet often overlooked marketing tips around.

Good Interpersonal Communication Skills

Talking and presenting oneself clearly to customers is an important skill for anyone who’s self-employed. This is especially true in the world of insurance, where confrontation and loss can be a typical part of the process for handling claims. Good interpersonal communication skills involve being a good listener almost as much as it involves being an adequate speaker. Independent adjusters should listen carefully to claim concerns. Take good notes to make sure nothing of importance is ever missed when discussing damages and repairs.

Do not talk over people. Provide social cues while the other person talks so that they know they are being heard. Social cues can include nodding along, making solid eye contact, and using polite hand gestures. Disgruntled policyholders often feel their concerns are not being heard, so empathy can go a long way. Overworked insurance carriers will be less likely to request an independent adjuster in the future if the IA receives complaints and lacks the proper communication skills needed to conduct interviews properly during the claims handling process. There’s no doubt that this is one of the marketing tips that will put you ahead of the competition.

Joining the Right Networking Group

One of the best ways to get your name out there and make valuable industry contacts is to join a networking group. We created Adjustment Factory to be the go-to networking groups for IAs who are ready to take their careers and their lives to the next level of success. Join us for exclusive access to knowledge from all sides of the field.

Jeremy Rettig

After discovering independent adjusting, Jeremy Rettig committed himself to becoming a student to the claims industry and a mentor to many. Now, Jeremy Rettig is a full-time claims mentor and trainer, and the founder of multiple insurance technology solutions.

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