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Apps and Tools for Better Adjuster Reports

Writing isn’t everybody’s strong suit. However, many people find writing to be an essential part of their jobs, and it becomes less of a weak spot that can be ignored and more of a necessity. Writing clear and accurate reports is a huge part of your job as an Independent Adjuster. Nonetheless, if your writing skills are less than spectacular, don’t despair! There are many ways to improve your skills with adjuster reports; here are a few just for IAs.

With the rise of technology has come a rise in tools for every career and job. As an insurance adjuster, you may find that the field you’re in is lucrative but at times difficult. A lack of experience in writing can be an obstacle, but technology is here to help. Here are three of the best tools to use:


  • Grammarly: Grammarly has seen astronomical growth in the past few years. The service offers a grammar and spelling checker, which is important in any field that requires written pieces. If your report isn’t written in a clear and error-free manner, it may lead to mistaken details that could cause problems for you and the insurance company.  Grammarly comes with a Chrome extension that I utilize every time I blog!  This is a must-have app!


  • Hemingway Editor: Great for editing, Hemingway Editor is the perfect tool for the less-than-sophisticated writer. It highlights errors in sentence structure and overly-complicated phrases that could muddle your piece. With many busy people reading your report, you’ll need your writing to be as clear as possible so that they understand the situation and continue on with their role in the process.


  • Merriam-Webster’s Thesaurus: The glories of the thesaurus will never be sung loud enough. As a collective society, we struggle with using the same tired and worn out phrases over and over. In professional writings, this muddles the prose and often does not accurately convey the seriousness of a situation. If you’re trying to explain the amount of damage that a vehicle sustained during a collision, the use of a thesaurus may be the difference between “a lot” and “severe.”


Other Tips

Besides apps, there are plenty of other ways to improve your IA reports. Practice writing reports whenever you can to get a better feel for what your weaknesses may be. Take on more jobs that require writing to add to your skillset. Look for writing classes and websites give you the extra familiarity you may need. Between practice and the array of apps and tips on the internet, your reports will soon be something you can be proud of!

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Jeremy Rettig

After discovering independent adjusting, Jeremy Rettig committed himself to becoming a student to the claims industry and a mentor to many. Now, Jeremy Rettig is a full-time claims mentor and trainer, and the founder of multiple insurance technology solutions.

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