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S&S Claims is hiring field and desk adjusters

Field and Desk Adjusters Needed to Work with Citizens

S&S Claims is reportedly looking for field and desk adjusters to become approved to work with Citizens.

S&S Claims is reportedly looking for field and desk adjusters to become approved to work with Citizens as they prepare for the 2018 hurricane season.  S&S Claims currently handles Daily and CAT field claims for Citizens. They also provide inside adjusters to work in Citizens Jacksonville office.



  • S&S Claims has been a contracted vendor for Citizens (of Florida) since 2004.
  • S&S Claims has been in business since 2000.
  • S&S Claims pays 65% on Daily claims, 70% on CAT claims and 75% on Desk adjuster assignments with no hold-back.


In order for S&S Claims to get aspiring field and desk adjusters approved by Citizens, they require a minimum of 2 years property claims adjusting experience and complete the following:


1) Ethics and Confidentiality Form – This form consists of 3 pages.  There is a box on page 2 which you will need to check Yes or No.  On page 3, please sign your legal name and include your FL license number (if you have an active FL adjuster license with appointment). Electronic signatures are now being accepted.


2) Background Check Authorization Form


3) Resume (Applicants are encouraged to use the attached Citizens template and return via email as an Excel document.)


4) Photo – Please submit a photo that is taken in front of a plain white background (i.e. wall), with full face view directly facing the camera containing only the head and shoulders.  The file cannot exceed 5 MB in size.


The completed forms with photo must be forwarded to as soon as possible. S&S Claims is fully licensed, insured and qualified to handle any commercial or residential claim.



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