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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Software and Apps for Independent Adjusters

Cloud computing, mobile apps, and digital devices are finally delivering true to their claims of handling prowess, from paper-heavy to high-tech. As an independent adjuster, property adjusting applications and software are an invaluable way to make your job easier. The trick is in finding an app that delivers on its promises. Here are a few to consider:

The Best Software and Apps for Independent Adjusters


This claims management software began as E-Claim, an internet-based system that was successful long before the “cloud” became popular. ClickClaims software-as-a-service (SAAS) allows property adjusters to create files, organize and manage claim tasks, manage documents, and perform many other tasks. It includes features that allow you to work the way you choose, giving you the ability to:

  • Configure your specifications
  • Customize your dashboard
  • Customize your email templates

Xactimate Professional

This multi-platform system performs claims estimating and management functions. With the professional version, you can operate a cloud-based, desktop, or mobile version, or you may buy a version for a single platform. The mobile and desktop software works without internet access. They include full functionality when your connection is available. Xactimate auto-saves your work, generates claim reports, prepares estimates, and takes photos. It has these and many other features, such as:

  • Pricing databases
  • Interaction with DISTO laser measuring devices
  • NFIP flood claim estimating

Image Meter Pro – Photo Measure

Image Meter Pro makes property claim estimates easier by calculating measurements from photos taken at the site of a loss. It sorts images and exports them in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. You can use your photo to generate measurements after you’ve left the property. It also works with laser distance meters. The best part is, it only costs $4.99!


It’s important to track your mileage to get the tax deductions you deserve. All that documentation can be a pain, but that’s okay; mileage tracking apps can do the job more easily and accurately than you! Of the available tracking apps for IOS and Android devices, MileIQ has the best user feedback. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, and you can even set it to track your miles automatically and modify its auto operation by setting your work hours.  For Android alone, it has over 1 million users, 40,547 reviews, and a 4.5 rating. The app is free with an upgraded version available for $5.99 per month.

Storm Hunter

When you make your living as a CAT loss adjuster, it’s pretty important to know where the catastrophic losses are. Storm Hunter tells you where to find storms with high-resolution radar, estimated rain totals, storm cell extrapolation, and more. This app allows you to store multiple locations for storm data in the areas of your choice. The App is free but includes ads.

When it Comes to Software and Apps for Independent Adjusters, the Choice is Yours!

These are just a few of the available software and apps for Independent Adjusters that can simplify the most time-consuming property adjusting tasks. A few developers offer property adjusting software and apps with a track record of reliability and service. You’ll also find new products with great promise but few user-generated reviews to consider. In the end, you’ll have to choose the software, apps, and devices that best meet your needs.

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Jeremy Rettig

After discovering independent adjusting, Jeremy Rettig committed himself to becoming a student to the claims industry and a mentor to many. Now, Jeremy Rettig is a full-time claims mentor and trainer, and the founder of multiple insurance technology solutions.

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