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Life Tips for IAs: Staying Healthy on the Road

These days, it’s difficult to stay in shape and keep up with a healthy, active lifestyle, even though doctors and nutritionists stress how important it is. This is especially true for independent CAT adjusters who travel a lot, as their job requires them to stay in a sitting position for hours, and they don’t always have access to the best nutrition while on the road. CAT adjusters can spend many hours a day on the go, moving to wherever the work is, without much time left over for self-care. But there are some easy tips to help you stay healthy on the road!

Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road:

Get your blood flowing whenever possible

Stop as often as your schedule allows and get up to stretch your legs and arms. Aerobic activities like walking, jogging, or jumping jacks get your heart rate up. Being sedentary (having a lifestyle where you move very little) is one of the most unhealthy things you can do for your body, so this is essential!

Keep your intensity up

Short bursts of extremely intense activity are proven beneficial. Exercising at 70-80% of your max heart rate, even if it’s only for a few minutes, can help to burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Purchase portable equipment

You can get a few dumbbells for lifting, a mat so you can do push ups and sit ups anywhere, and exercise bands for a great resistance workout. This equipment is inexpensive, and it can easily travel on the road with you.

Give your body what it needs 

Getting enough sleep and eating healthy snacks and meals is key to fueling a more active lifestyle. Don’t skimp on rest or always turn to fast food because of its convenience. Keep healthy snacks like nuts and fruit on hand – they don’t require any prep and are quick, easy, and nutritious.

Although staying healthy on the road is certainly a challenge, it’s important to start small. When you exercise, eat healthfully, and get enough rest, you’ll feel like you can take on the world! All it takes is a few minutes a day to help make a positive change.

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Jeremy Rettig

After discovering independent adjusting, Jeremy Rettig committed himself to becoming a student to the claims industry and a mentor to many. Now, Jeremy Rettig is a full-time claims mentor and trainer, and the founder of multiple insurance technology solutions.

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